Greetings Moose Members,

What a great time we had at the Moose International Convention in Orlando Florida; it was a hot one and the visit to Moosehaven was amazing. Thank you to all of you that could attend and represent your lodges and chapters. Congratulations to all the new Fellows, Collegians, and Star Recorders. I also want to congratulate all the Premier Lodge Winners your hard work and dedication is appreciated. If you were lucky enough to participate in the State Golf outing you missed some great golfing and the hacking that Mike, Matt, and myself did out there but it was a blast. Thank you, Scott Kuske and the Green Bay Lodge, for hosting this great event. Please continue to support your lodges, participate in other lodge or state events to keep the camaraderie and fun growing in this great state and fraternity.


Brad Boivin

Be kind. With the state of the world being what it is we are all a little on edge these days. You never know the battles people are facing at home and you never know how much work someone is doing behind the scenes. Every-one needs a little grace right now, so please be kind.
If you know of someone that you used to see around, but no longer do, please give them a call to see how they are doing.
When you see someone come into the lodge, say hello, make them feel welcome. We are a friendly place. A family center. This is OUR MOOSE HOME.
Please support and share our Moose events. If you are having fun, post it on Facebook. Take pictures. (Please no live videos in the social quarters.)
Invite your friends. Remember they can only come as a guest twice to hangout in the Social Quarters or to Member/Guest events. (Public events do not count in this number.) Make sure to sign them in.
We are all members. No member is greater than another. We are all here together. Board members are volunteers. There is literally only one board member that is a paid employee of the lodge. Where board members are to hold themselves to a higher standard, remember they are still volunteers. Some work full time jobs. Some are enjoying a well-deserved retirement, but it is up to the individual board member to police themselves and it us up to you to elect the members that you believe will do the best job for the lodge.
If you have great ideas bring them to a meeting and get involved. It’s great to have ideas, but there are so few that actually volunteer to bring them to life.
We need you to keep our moose home going. Do you have a little time? Do you have a talent? Please speak to a board member. If every member of our lodge volunteered 12 hours a year, just 1 hour a month, in Kenosha, that would be over 24,600 hours, can you imagine all the things we could get done?!? Take the number of members in your lodge and multiply it by 12 to see how many hours you could possibly have for your lodge! Does an hour a month seem like too much to ask?
Respectfully Submitted,
Kellee Chwala
Pops would like to thank everyone for the well wishes. He is home and resting comfortably.


Community service is the easiest task to do and to describe. “Community” is what surrounds us and the “Service” we do is what makes the warm, happy feeling in-side. You don’t have to look too far and it doesn’t always take a lot of time to say to the community “we are here for you”. What can we do, just about anything when you’re a Moose. In return, a warm heart and a smile of thanks goes a long way. That’s not bad payment for a job well done.
Speaking of jobs well done – How about Eau Claire Community Service! We are going to have a huge amount of items for all those little ones as well as the lap robes and personal items for the adults. “Wis. Moose on the Move” We’re trying to utilize this newsletter to the fullest, so I hope you liked when we put the list of needed items in here. We know every lodge and chapter receives this mailing so its accessible to the President, Administrator, Senior Regents and many others, what better way to communicate our needs. All you need to do is read it, print it, clip it and hang it in your lodge by your HOC Collection Box. How simple is that!
I would like to thank the Bloomer Lodge/Chapter for sending me a copy of their HOC Report which enables me to share some of their wonderful community service ideas……
They provided desserts for the Swim team and Youth football Fund Raising Events. Having a sign saying desserts provided by the Bloomer Moose Lodge/Chapter and wearing Moose shirts, caps, pins is crucial so we can use the service hrs. etc. They are providing rides for community residents to and from the Cancer Treatment Center as well as visiting Veterans at the Local V.A. AWESOME JOB BLOOMER!
Thanks for your ideas, for all you do for your lodge, this great organization & for your community. Stay safe & remember be “MOOSE PROUD”.
H.O.C. Chairperson

Greetings Brothers and Sisters from Moose Charities

February kicks off our Annual Rocker Fund. This is a great chance to get that end of the year push for your lodge, chapter, moose legion, and districts yearly endowment fund and total giving. Reminder this has gone all digital now so your Rocker Fund Raising materials will need to be downloaded and printed. Upcoming March 3rd – 6th we will have our Wisconsin Moose Association Mid-Year Conference where we will have opportunities for you to help raise money for Moose Charities come visit our booth and take a chance or simply make a donation. Regal Games and Moose Charities have worked together to bring you a new game called Scorzo it is similar to Rummy. 4 sets of cards will be sent to each lodge. Host a tournament in February send the completed sign up and tournament sheet to Moose Charities by 3/15/22 and be eligible to receive a free Regal Games Mega Game Pack.
Thank for all you do!

Hello my Moose Friends, I am Thomas Kronenburg from Muskego Moose Lodge 1057 and Wisconsin Moose Legion 31. I am so Honored to have been sworn in at Moose International Convention 2022 as The State of Wisconsin Moose Legion Ambassador. I want to thank all of you for becoming Moose Legion members. We, The Degree of Service, are here to assist our Lodges, District, State and communities all while having fun. We are the members, ready to help our Lodges during any functions and with day to day activities, We look for ways to increase our Lodge’s potential to become that Organization that everyone knows and those in need can come to for help. We do events to bring in members to enjoy Our Lodge, which creates funds to take care of needs in both the Moose and our Local Communities. We need to speak to our Lodge members about activities we do and the fun we have doing them. Let our potential Moose Legion member know what their yearly dues are used for and the positive effect it has on our Children at Mooseheart and Seniors at Moosehaven. Remind our Moose members that a large group of people giving a little extra takes care of So Much. Let everyone know what you do, where your money is being used and most importantly, be proud of what you accomplish. Advertise at your Lodge, but not just your event, include the outcome and what you are planning to do with your success. Be Proud, Tell People. Make sure your Lodge Moose Legion Assistant Secretary, at a minimum, is at every Lodge Membership meeting informing (bragging) our members what your Doing and what you have Accomplished.  Your actions and how you present yourself is the Key to the success of the Moose Legion. Be Proud that we give a little more, be Proud that you took that extra step. I AM.  I’m very excited to have this chance to meet with you at your Lodges, Moose Legion Celebrations and at the WI Moose Legion Fun Weekend.  Please, feel free to contact me with any issues and all accomplishment, my cell number (414) 708-7716. Again, thank you for your Moose Legion service.      Your Moose Legion Brother, Thomas Kronenburg

Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

So much going on and so much to talk about…  I’m not sure where to start!

Our International Convention in Orlando was a really great time!  The trip to Moosehaven was a little warm but it was so nice to be there to celebrate 100 years with the residents!  I don’t know about you but I couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement of just being there.  It truly is a beautiful place for our Seniors to live a life way beyond their wildest dreams!

Congratulations to all that received honors at the Convention – MOOSE PROUD!!!!!

Our Annual WMA Convention will be here before we know it.  The Golden Gavel Convocation will be held on Saturday, September  10th at 9:00 a.m.  I haven’t seen the list of honorees yet but I’m anxious to know who we will be honoring.

Racine Chapter Sisters have been working very hard at finalizing plans for our Chapter Rally Day Celebration to be held the weekend of October 21-23.  The required day of attendance will be Saturday, October 22nd.  Chapter representation at a Rally Day Celebration is one of the requirements for the coveted Award of Achievement.  There will be a march of checks for Moosehaven Daily Needs.  The registration form, tentative agenda, hotel information and a bid form have all been sent to the Chapters.  It is very important that you pre-register for the event so we can plan accordingly for meals and such.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer, I know I am.

Thank you all so very much for everything you do! Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our communities truly do appreciate it.

Take care, be safe, stay well and always remember to stay humble and kind!

Love and Hugs,

Karyn Johnson

Grand Council Member

WI Chapter Advocate


On Saturday, January 22, 2022, a new Moose Lodge was instituted in the State of Wisconsin. The Capital City Moose Service Center Institution Ceremonies were held at the Madison Eagles Club. A wonderful ham lunch was served with a delicious dessert buffet. Following the luncheon the Institution Ceremony installed the first all-female Lodge Board with Carol Meier as President, Vickie Drager as Vice President, and Bernice Norton as Secretary/Treasurer. The following Committee Chairs were also installed Membership Committee Chair- Lynn Laufenberg, Community Service Chair- Janice Kilby, Family Activities and Sport Committee Chair- Teri Jo Goelke, and Auditing Committee Chair- Linda Wren. There were 45 charter members in attendance. Many dignitaries were also on hand to help celebrate this most auspicious event including: Sandy DeSotel, Moose International Board of Directors – served as Installing Officer & Enrolling Officer, Harry Johnston, Past Supreme Governor – served as Acting President, and Gordon Dailey, Moose International Director of Business Operations– served as Installing Sergeant-at-Arms. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment. This new lodge would not have been possible had it not been for the dedicated members of the Madison Woman of the Moose Chapter 291, your vision has been realized through your hard work.