Hello Everyone,

The Moose Legion is known as the Degree of Service.

Our Mission…To have fun while providing greater service to the Moose Fraternity.

Our Vision…Persuade all qualified Lodge members to join the Moose Legion and do some good thing for someone each day.

Where do my dues go?

The Moose is known as the Degree of Service.  It is made up of Lodge Brothers who often desire to do a little more for our philanthropic causes of serving Mooseheart & Moosehaven as well as those wishing for another avenue to have fun and enjoy their membership while supporting their Lodge

Part of Moose Legion dues are distributed as follows:

                $2.25 to Moosehaven Operations

                $2.50 for Moosehaven Senior Medical Fund

                $.50 for the operation of Mooseheart’s Camp Ross

                $3.25 for International Moose Legion Operations

Additionally, each jurisdiction donates to our annual Moose Legion projects including:

                $.60 per member for Youth Awareness scholarships

                $1.50 per member for an annual capital project.  (This year we pledged to raise $60,000 for the Mooseheart House of God Renovation.)

Our Jurisdictions provide optional contributions to fund Mooseheart student trips, and an annual International President’s Project.

You can find this and more on the International website.  Also all Lodge Moose Legion Sectaries please send me your minutes from your meeting.  My e-mail address is hilljon1961@gmail.com , this will be the easiest way to send them to me.  If you need my personal address, just send me a note.


Stay safe everyone