Greetings from Moose Charities

Every February is the time of year when we cover the walls of our lodge home with rocking chairs to help raise awareness and money for the Endowment Fund.

Are you ready to rock the Rocker?

Ideas/Suggestions to promote the Rocker:

  • Lodge officers meet and agree to hold a friendly competition.
  • Create a competition: Use different colored paper for the Rockers for each group created in the competition.
  • “Work” the Rocker Fundraiser every day and every night in February. Use special dates during the month for added fun: Groundhog Day, Super Bowl Day, Valentine’s Day, Giving Hearts Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, and Presidents’ Day.
  • During meal functions: Place paper Rockers at each table setting and/or provide a paper Rocker at the same time as providing liquid refreshments at a table or bar.
  • Keep a running total/thermometer posted in the lodge.
  • Ring a bell, bang a gong, blow a horn, or do a happy dance whenever a donation is made.


What fun activity is your Lodge doing to promote the Rocker?


All donations will need to be submitted to Moose Charities by March 15th.


Thank you for all you do for our Mooseheart Children and Moosehaven Seniors through Moose Charities.

Cheryl Ripp

Moose Charities Chairman