The West Bend Moose Lodge has been handing out over 3,000 FREE Community lunches since March 18th. All lunches have been provided by donations from the lodge members and members of this community. They have pulled together and keep making amazing donations of  money, food, bags, baggies, gift cards and so much more! Volunteers come each week to make fresh Turkey and Cheese or Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for all the lunches, and get the lunches together in lunch bags for the lunches! Our lodge runs completely on volunteers! I have the same volunteers that come each week to give their time to be sure this program survives and keeps going. Donations also have been made by the Full Shelf Food Pantry and BSA 762 and Girls BSA 6762!!!!

Lunches are handed out Thursday and Fridays from 11-2pm!

Families, elderly, disabled and group homes are among the people receiving these lunches. We have had pictures drawn for us, Cookies baked and even slippers made for us just to say THANK YOU!!! How amazing is that!