2024 Moose International Conference

As we start the new year, the convention committee needs your list of six volunteers from the Association to help with Registration and the Gift Store during the 2024 International Convention.

Mike Rynearson will need the following information for EACH volunteer. Please make sure that you include all 5 pieces of information!

1.      Volunteers Name

2.      MID #

3.      Email address (to confirm dates)

4.      Best contact number where they can be reached

5.      Arrival dates in New Orleans

If anyone has questions about the International Convention Schedule, refer members to the International Convention website.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with the volunteers.

Please have these names in NO LATER THAN June 15th, 2024.

Rocker Fund

The 1st of February starts the annual Rock Fund promotion.  I have attached the information below for your review.  Please let me know what your Lodge, Chapter, Moose Legion, Council of Higher Degrees, District, and Association plan on doing to promote this very important Fund Raising Project. 

Remember, all funds collected are due into Moose Charities by 3/15/24.

Good Luck!

It’s time to Rock the Rocker

All materials are available on the Moose Charities website HERE,

You can begin planning some fun activities for your lodge and keeping the excitement going throughout February. Remember, every rocker donation makes a difference and supports the Endowment Fund.

Call us at (630) 966-2200 or email us at request@moosecharities.org with questions at any time. And don’t forget to take pictures and send them to us so we can brag about your accomplishments!