Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

What a great time we had at our Annual Convention/Convocation.  It’s always so nice to reconnect with friends from all over our state and make new friends.  It warms my heart that we could all get together once again.  Congratulations to our new Green Cap Recipients – once you have your Green Cap Honor, you are ½ way to receiving your College of Regents Degree.  I was especially pleased with the number of Members that attended Convocation to help our new Green Cappers celebrate their accomplishments.

Chapter Rally Days is right around the corner.  Rally Days will be held on October 2nd at Rice Lake Lodge.  As of today, we have 19 Chapters that will be represented and 85 Sisters registered.  It will be a time to recognize Top Chapters, celebrate accomplishments, enjoy a meal, collect donations, share our traditions, educate members, be entertained, laugh and have a good time.  The theme this year is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Pretty in Pink”. Chapter Representation at Rally Cays is one of the requirements for the Award of Achievement.  I’m super excited about this event!

So the month of October looks to be a busy one as we will also start the celebrations of our new Pilgrim’s.  Congratulations to John Guilliaume, Larry Pratt, Clyde Brophy and Mike Rynearson.  So very proud of all of them.

In October, the Chapters Mooseheart/Moosehaven Chairmen and Chapter Members will be holding Christmas In October Chapter meetings which can be held as an open meeting.  Make sure to check your meeting procedures and agenda book.

And before you know if, November will be here and we’ll be celebrating with our new College of Regents.  I hope by now that you have those COR dates on your calendar and remember to invite other Chapters.

What a great time to be a MOOSE!

Thank you all so very much for all that you do!  Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our Communities truly do appreciate all that you do!

Take care, stay safe, be well and always remember to be humble and kind.

Karyn Johnson

WI Chapter Advocate / Grand Council Member