How have you and your family been?

Finding ways to cope with this new challenge while staying safe?

My family noticed with all the events around us being canceled, postponed, or in some way changed from what was planned. No matter what was facing us, we found a way to make the most of what we needed to do. The beginning of the new year came with a new vision to start to prepare us to begin to lean toward being One Moose. This would make for new challenges, for our Lodges, Districts, and our Association. Starting a new chapter in our Association history. Then came the COVID virus throwing obstacles in our path as we learned to try to keep our families and Members safe.

With Spring and Summer speeding forward, we learned and shared with each Lodge how to move forward. Along that way, we had a couple of firsts. We stayed home as we attended the very 1st Virtual International Moose Convention. Did you attend? I did, and I enjoyed it. As we watched and learned we witnessed the vote to truly become “ONE MOOSE.”

 Then in the fall, we had our State Convention where we had our 1st Official meeting where the Men and the Women became one Moose in Wisconsin. Almost every member I talked with stated the same thing. They helped find ways to be safe, while still trying to move their Lodge forward at the same time. Now with us facing the end of the calendar year, I look back and say where did the time go? A lot of things happened at our Lodges, and our Communities, and I hope your Lodge Historian is making note of it. With the State Midyear Conference approaching. We are asking if you come across some State Moose items of interest that pertain to other Lodges, or the State Association, please share them with us.  In the future, we would like to have displays of our history at the Fall Conventions and Midyear Conferences. But we need more items.

 To those who have helped us move in that direction, we thank you. Continue to be safe, & careful. Till the next time,

Your State Historian Larry H. Pratt


Text:         (920) 287-1778

Address:  829 Detroit St.

Sheboygan Falls, WI. 53085