Dear Moose Member,

Please check your lodge dues for expiration although your Chapter or Moose Legion dues may be current. Please know that in order for you to be admitted to the lodge home (to include attending Chapter/Moose Legion meetings) your lodge dues must be current. We hope that this is not the case but if it is, you can visit the Moose International website at click on the “pay dues” tab at the top of the page, contact Member Services at (630) 906-3658 and they can take your payment, or visit your lodge and submit payment directly to your Administrator. We value you as a Moose member and appreciate your continued support of our children at Mooseheart, seniors at Moosehaven, your lodge and community.

As we honor our proud past and continue to look at our bright future, we look forward to you being an active member of the fraternity. 

Mike Rynearson, TM