The Safe Surfin’ Foundation exists to inform, educate, and equip everyone fighting the good fight against evil in the world. Safe Surfin’ empowers law enforcement, teachers, parents, and young people in being cyber smart. Join the partnership for good in the world.

Our Mission

The Safe Surfin’ Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit Cyber Safety and Responsibility educational initiative, created by law enforcement professionals in 1998, and dedicated not only to protecting youth from those who would do them harm, but pro-actively educating them in the safe and responsible use of today’s ever-changing technology. Together, we’re improving and saving lives. Please join us in our quest.

Our Approach

Over the last two decades, we have gained valuable insight into the effectiveness of our message. In order to stop predators in their tracks, we must have informed citizens of cyberspace who have fully embraced the principles of online safety and responsibility. Your ongoing support is critical and will help us educate the internet users that are confronted with danger.

Our Goal

An informed citizenry of cyberspace makes for a safer world. We want to stop the predators right at their intended victims, before a crime has occurred. We want to stop hateful or illegal text messages before they are sent. We want to see technology used to brighten the lives of others, rather than be an instrument of harm. And our goal is to get you involved.