It is that time of year again we need talk about nominations for the 2020-2021 moose year. This year was very exciting with the WOTM joining the association this has opened the door to so many talented individuals.  This is the first election in which WOTM can officially be nominated for positions on the District and State board, how exciting is that !!! With the WOTM I am confident and excited to see all our board and chairman positions get filled this year.  Only together will we be able to make district 4 the 2021 top district  !

Below is a nomination form that you can fill out to indicate any board/chairman positions you would be interested in being considered for. If you have any questions on what each position is responsible for below the form is a list of each position and their duties and as always please feel free to reach out to any district board member or myself ( with any questions. 


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