Just Ask!

October, trick-or-treat, the bewitching month. Ladies and gentlemen, membership is NOT a magic spell!! “ Just-Ask” is all it takes. Don’t trick yourself into believing that membership growth will just happen, It Won’t ! Treat yourself, your Lodge, your community, our children at Mooseheart, and our seniors at Moosehaven to the wonderful advantage of new enrollments and growth.

Our great fraternity has survived and moved forward during these trying covid times. We all need to set that excuse aside now and move forward safely to recruit new members and retain existing members in order to continue to make the positive impacts we as a fraternity are historically known for. I know everyone is working hard to help their lodge, and many lodges are at growth or less than double digits away, thank you for all you are doing.

Any help or idea’s that myself or my fellow co-chairpersons Mike Wixom or Renee LaPoint can offer, please email or give us a call. Our mission to help children, seniors and our communities is too important to even think of failure.

Remember “JUST – ASK”

Fraternally Yours,

Dennis Dost – WMA Membership CO-Chairmen