Great Wisconsin Moose Lodges and members it is time to put our growth in membership plans into high gear. We as an association need to grow each month all year not wait till February and March 

to go into panic mode and try to safe the year before the end of April.
The easy and successful program that works is “ JUST – ASK “. When you do just ask you may be surprised with the number of yes answers you will get – BUT – be prepared when you receive that yes to explain and promote what our great fraternity does for our kids, seniors, and the communities our lodges serve. 
With growth comes more opportunity, opportunity to help more people and our community, opportunity to go for the top lodge award  “ Premier Lodge “. Most lodges capture the criteria needed to be a Premier Lodge other than GROWTH. Let’s not wait everyone, let’s go grow NOW! With our fraternity now “ Stronger Together” both women and men need to help their lodge with membership and growth. JUST – ASK!
Yours in Moose Friendship
Dennis Dost – WMA Membership Co-Chairmen