Wow! What a great Conference in September. Wisconsin Moose Associate is now one! What a great opportunity for so many.

Congratulations to the new Green Cap recipients. This means you and your Chapter are working together to Create Our Future.

As we have said before, we need to sponsor more members, retain the ones we have and contact the expired ones. Find out why they did not renew. This may be useful in planning activities which they are

interested in. Are you holding Orientation in your Chapter? Some members join because they are “talked” into it and

do not understand what we are all about. International has all the tools we need to show new members and a lot of them are free. If there is a cost, it is very minimal. Have a joint Orientation, work together.

Remember the first week of November is Membership Retention Week. What do you have planned for this week? Again, this can be a joint effort.

Thank you for all that you do.

Create Our Future


Renee LaPoint

Wisconsin WOTM Membership