Greetings Sisters and Brothers!

WE HAVE ARRIVED!!!  Here we are at the start of a new Moose year – Stronger Together!  It’s nice to see the Sisters and Brothers throughout our state working together.  Many of us were already doing that so the transition to One Moose wasn’t really that big of a deal.  I’ve heard some grumblings about it as well and that is to be expected.  It’s a CHANGE and we need to be receptive to change – change is good – change keeps us growing – attracting new blood – new members – preparing us for the future.  So let’s cast aside the negativity, remember to say please, thank you, compliment others and be quick to praise – not criticize.

I believe we have a WOTM Six-Hour training session scheduled in every District, Thank You District Presidents for your help in making this happen!  The schedule is as follows:

District        Date                             Session Leader                  Location

District 1     June 12, 2021              Cheryl Ripp                         Monroe

District 2     August 1, 2021           Karyn Johnson                   Muskego

District 3      June 19, 2021             Barb Carter                         West Bend

District 4      August 14, 2021        Margaret Achter               Clintonville

District 5      May 8, 2021               Karyn Johnson                   River Falls (COMPLETE)

District 6      July 17, 2021              Karyn Johnson                   Rice Lake

District 7      June 19, 2021             Judy Laabs                           Juneau County

Our International Convention in Cincinnati is a “GO”!  It will be so nice to finally get together with our Moose Sisters and Brothers from all over the fraternity.  I do hope that many of you are planning on attending.

We’re working on the agenda for our Women of the Moose Rally Days to be held October 1 -3, 2021 in Rice Lake.  Watch your email inboxes for more details… coming soon.

Hope to see all of you very soon!  Take care, stay safe, be well and always remember to be humble and kind.

Karyn Johnson

WI Chapter Advocate