Oh my! We’re welcoming September already! With that comes our Annual Conference and Convocation. Many congratulations to those of you that will be receiving your Green Cap! Once you have your Green Cap you’re halfway there to receiving your College of Regents Degree.

I’m so looking forward to our Annual Conference, it will be nice to have Kim Pettit back as our Official Visitor and it will be nice to be with our Moose Brothers and Sisters again.

We’ll be welcoming our new Deputy Grand Regent, Linda Wren! I’m certain that Linda will do an awesome job representing the state of Wisconsin.

Keep in mind that September is Higher Degree – Star Recorder Committee month and while we won’t be honoring any newly conferred Star Recorders this year due to the International Convention being canceled, we must still honor those that have already received the degree. The Star Recorder Committee Activity Night meeting is on page 69 of the Meeting Procedure and Agenda book.

While these times have been very difficult for everyone I am very proud to say that our Lodges and Chapters have stepped up to the plate to make things happen during this very different and difficult time.

MOOSE PROUD!! Keep up the good work!

And always remember to be humble and kind!
Karyn Johnson