As I write this last newsletter article of 2020, I can’t help but reflect on this past year and we all know that this will be a year that will NOT be forgotten.  While many of the year’s events have been canceled, postponed, and very challenging to say the least, there have also been opportunities to experience the positive feeling of being able to rise to the occasion and meet our challenges as a fraternity.  I also do not want to miss an opportunity to broadly share my gratitude to the entire Wisconsin Moose Association.  Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.

At the start of this holiday season let’s all keep in mind how blessed and fortunate we are to be part of such a wonderful organization and let’s encourage others to join.

Our Mooseheart Children are offered many opportunities because we as Moose members “Enter to Learn and Continue to Serve”.  I’m not sure who came up with the catchphrase “Nothing but Opportunities” but I just love it.  As members of this great fraternal organization, we are afforded many opportunities.  We have the opportunity to learn and serve our children at Mooseheart and our Seniors at Moosehaven and our local communities and have fun while doing so.  We have the opportunity to make new friends and share so many things with them.  We have the opportunity to think outside of the box and be creative.  We have the opportunity to travel, visit different Lodges, and maybe even go places we’ve never been to before.  The “nothing but opportunities” list goes on and on.

We’re all blessed, fortunate, and full of gratitude to have the opportunities that we have.  An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities!

So let’s continue to invite others to join and share the same opportunities with them.

Christmas is just around the corner – please remember to take the opportunity during the rush of the holidays to enjoy the things in life that really matter. Take in the serene moments spent with friends and loved ones, and may the wonder of Christmas surround you throughout the holiday season.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and “Nothing but Opportunities”


Karyn Johnson