The dog days of summer are now behind us and this beautiful Wisconsin fall weather has

been just amazing! I hope you’re all getting out and enjoying the beautiful colors. As we’re

coming into another “ber” month, November, things will start to change in a hurry. So let’s

enjoy it while we can November brings with it many things that are “Moose” related.

First of all, our Six Hour WOTM Training sessions are complete for this Chapter year. Many

thanks to all that served as Training Session Leaders. We have a great team of Trainers!

Secondly, November is our Higher Degree / College of Regents month and that brings

many celebrations – new collegians, tassel changes and red stole recipients. BIG

congratulations to all that will be honored in November!

November also brings with it “Membership Retention” week. I’ve said this before and I’m

going to say it again, we need to work on membership retention everyday all the time.

However, Moose International has set aside a special week for us to really show off our

Membership Retention efforts. Let’s use this opportunity to retain those members.

And last but definitely not least, November brings with it Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving,

not just because of the turkey and pumpkin pie but it’s also a special time of year to really

think about how blessed and fortunate we really are. The word Gratitude comes to mind and

I feel that we’re all blessed, fortunate and full of gratitude to belong to one of the best

organizations in the world. Through our efforts children and seniors are able to live a life

way beyond their wildest dreams. So who wouldn’t want to be a part of that???

The next “ber” month will be December – in preparation for December, Senior Portrait / Tree

Lighting will be December 1st. If you haven’t been to Mooseheart, please consider going –

one trip will give your membership a whole new meaning.

I’m really looking forward to November as there’s so many good things going on and I want

to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

In Friendship,

Karyn Johnson