Greetings Coworkers and Brothers!

During this very difficult time, I’m struggling to find the right words for this newsletter article. In a most recent Official Communication Barb McPherson stated “With the world on lockdown dealing with a global pandemic, we may feel far from inspirational and encouraged. The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) may be stressful for many of you. It’s very common to feel overpowered and frightened by the waves of coronavirus news at this moment. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming but finding positive ways to cope with that stress will make you, the people you care about and your community stronger. There is a substantial need for some motivation to move forward even if it is in small quantities. “The greatest therapy is friendship and love” and I couldn’t agree more”.

In our state, there are Lodges and Chapters that are finding positive ways to cope with this stress. Some are taking this down time to make Lodge improvements, while others are providing community service through free lunches, sewing masks, monetary donations to other organizations in need, reaching out to our members to ensure that they are doing OK, working on the retention list, the list goes on and on. Some of our members are fighting on the front lines in the medical field, first responders and essential personnel. All of this makes me ever so grateful to belong to such a wonderful fraternal organization that truly cares about others.

We’re fortunate in Wisconsin to have held our Midyear Conference prior to the “Stay At Home” order. While there is some disappointment about the International Convention being cancelled, please know that this decision is the right decision to ensure the health, welfare and well being of not only our members but also the Staff and Children at Mooseheart.

“We’re in this together as One Moose, united in our compassion for others and we will accomplish greatness on the other side of this crisis. Stay safe – be kind – share hope and stay well, physically and mentally.”

We’re MOOSE STRONG and if we continue to work together in “friendship and love” we will come through this storm stronger than ever.

In love and friendship,

Karyn Johnson