Greetings Co-workers and Brothers!

Happy New Year! WOW, again, where does the time go? Welcome 2019! A new year always means new/refreshed beginnings to me. Are we on track with our Membership numbers? I would love more than anything to see each Chapter in our state receive their Award of Achievement and being a “plus one” is one of the requirements to make that happen. Don’t’ forget that you need to hold your Green Cap/Ways and Means meeting before the end of January.

Also, remember that at the second meeting in January the Senior Regent will announce the date, time and place of the first, second and third nominating committee meetings, as well as the names of the co-workers serving on the Nominating Committee. Guidelines for Nomination and Elections start on

page 57, section 91 of the General Laws. We need to keep our Chapters going and having a full Board of Officers would surely help to make that


Also, the 2019 WOTM Training Sessions will run from February 1 through November 1, 2019. This will serve as credit for personal honors for the 2019-2020 Chapter year. So if you’re interested in having your training session early, please let me know.

And of course, Conference in Green Bay will be here before we know it. Hope to see many of you there!

Karyn Johnson

Chapter Analyst Coordinator