Hey, WOW… (that’s Women of Wisconsin)…what a wow of a conference we had at the Radisson-Green Bay in March!  I hope you were able to be there with us to enjoy it.  It was a fun and informative conference, thanks to our OIC (Officer in Charge) Deputy Grand Regent Heidi Jacobs of Rice Lake, and our delightful OV (Official Visitor) Tama Mitchell from New Hampshire, as well as the educational speeches provided by our State Chairmen, and of course, the active participation of all 125 of the co-workers in attendance.  And kudos to the hostess chapter, Rice Lake, for their excellent organization and handling of their myriad of responsibilities.

Heidi introduced Karyn Johnson of Monroe Chapter, our newly appointed CAC (Chapter Analyst Coordinator), and we animatedly and gratefully offered our thanks to Karen Aanonsen of Green Bay for her many years of service as our previous CAC.   With the assumption of her new duties, Karyn Johnson has relinquished her position as Membership Chair and this position has been taken over by Renee LaPoint of Rice Lake.  We also welcomed Helen Kiefer from West Bend, who has replaced me as HOC (Heart of the Community—that’s Community Service) chairman, and we had the opportunity to welcome those matriculates who were accepted into the first degree of our order, the Academy of Friendship, in the impressive Sunday morning ceremony.  We offer congratulations to all these fine co-workers.

Stephanie Aanonsen reported that Diana Reed and her Moose Charities committee again attained great success in their fundraising efforts during the conference, and we thank them, their assistants, helpers, and all contributors for their constant

enthusiasm and amazing successes each conference.

We also want to thank the Wisconsin Moose Association (WMA) for all they do for the WOW – WOTM in the planning and implementation of our twice-yearly conferences.  We understand the Hospitality Room offered a lot of fun, games, raffles, food and beverages and joviality throughout the weekend.  Thank you to the WMA and to all the volunteers and contributors who helped provide that amenity, too.  Wish I could have joined in those festivities – oh, well, maybe next time!

If you have not yet come to a WOW Conference, please give some serious thought to attending the next one in Fall, which is scheduled to be held in Fond du Lac, September 13-16, 2018.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our great fraternity, meet new co-workers and reunite with old friends, and really feel you are an even more integral and active part of the WOW!

I look forward to seeing more of you in Fall – or perhaps at the International Convention in New Orleans, July 11 – 15, 2018.  Remember, you have joined a vibrant international organization that does so much good – now jump in with both feet – become active, pursue those prestigious degrees – and take pride in your service to our wonderful fraternity.

As a side note – thank you for all the cards and get well wishes sent to me following my trip-and-fall incident in January, and for all the assistance provided by so many of you during this recent conference.

I look forward to meeting and greeting even more of you in Fond du Lac next September.

Margaret Achter, Grand Council Member

and member of Green Bay Chapter 451