As I write this I think how crazy it is that we’ve basically skipped over all the holidays from St. Patrick’s Day and now through what I call the kick-off to the holiday season. We were informed by Moose International that there will not be a Senior Portrait Luncheon and Annual Tree Lighting event this year. While it’s difficult to wrap our heads around this pandemic, we need to remember that this decision was made to keep everyone safe and healthy and this includes the children and staff at Mooseheart. However, the Mooseheart Class of 2021 still needs our help! The WMA will continue with the help of the Chapter and Lodges to support the Class of 2021 Seniors with their Senior Portraits. There are currently 19 Seniors as they begin the school year. Please take the next few weeks to discuss sponsoring a Senior at your Board of Officers and Membership Meetings.
 There are more Chapters and Lodges in Wisconsin than Seniors. Please discuss co-sponsoring a Senior and splitting the cost among the men and women. As there is no luncheon, the cost is $200 for portraits. Please email for confirmation and assignment of a Senior. We would appreciate checks being brought to the Annual Conference in September.

Thank you in advance for your continued sponsorship of this program.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

John and Nicole Springsteen
Senior Portrait Co-Chairmen
(262) 994-7416 Nicole’s Cell