The Wisconsin Moose Association 103rd Annual Convention is now over and in the book. And I mean history book.           

It was voted to have the Men and the Ladies merge together in the District and the Association. If you were there, you witnessed this History. If you weren’t read on.

This means the Women are now equals, and can be officers in both the District and the Association. And if you did miss this convention, you missed one of the best I’ve been to, since I joined in 1982.

We have to thank David Diehn, for collecting and storing, the Wisconsin Moose Association History items for many years. And his Kenosha Moose Brother Joe for delivering them to me, at this last convention.

We also thank all of you Moose Brothers, and Moose Sisters that responded to my requests.  We are not far from, having all of the, Active Wisconsin Moose Lodges, Chapters, and Moose Legions Anniversary dates.

Once completed we will be releasing this list to everyone, with more such lists to follow.

If you have anything you would like to share, or add, to the Wisconsin Moose Collection please contact me.


Till the next time your

State Historian

Larry H. Pratt


Send to, or text to (920) 287-1778