In last month’s State History Article in this newsletter, we gave you a summary of History items we wrote about. Some items still need help of finishing what we set out to do.

We asked for the Lodges and Chapters for their Anniversary Dates. We are getting close to having all of the active Lodges. We are still in need of (4).

 #286 Kenosha

 #1043 Saukville

 #2564 Fond du Lac

 #2661 Phillips

As for the Chapters we need all of them but the following 4.

#345 Milwaukee

#477 Janesville

#795 Superior

#2269 Clintonville.

These dates can be found on your Charters hanging in your Lodges. Could someone from the Lodges and Chapters mentioned above please send me those dates.

We are also compiling of the Lodges that had Conventions, Conferences, State or International Sports events that were in their cities or close to them.

I would like to thank all the Moose Brothers and Moose Sisters that supplied us with Pictures, Items, Information, and Invites to come to their Lodges to see their Archives and History Collections.

  If you or your Lodge has anything you would like to share or add to the Wisconsin Moose Collection please contact me or one of your State Officers.

Till the next time your

State Historian

Larry H. Pratt, or text to (920) 287-1778