How has your summer been?

Mine has been very busy.

Even without leaving the house I been visiting with some of our WMA members from other Lodges around the State. Some members have been doing what I have been doing at my house. Using this time staying home doing an extended spring cleaning. My cleaning has not just been going thru house things. Mostly I been searching thru all sorts of Moose History I didn’t remember I had, right here under my roof.

Some of the findings were things that came to me by other members from all across the state that were doing the same thing years ago. Finding things about my own Lodge, or about 1 of our past Moose members doing something special. As I said other Members are doing this cleaning right now too. But some have been doing this at their Lodges also. Some amazing things were found. Some items were copied or sent my way. Even some dates I had have now been verified.

If you come across such items of interest that pertain to other Lodges or the State Association please share them. To those who have just done that, many thanks for sharing. If you think you have something, just let me send me a text. So continue to be safe, careful, and smart.

Till the next time,

Your State Historian

Larry H. Pratt

or text to

(920) 287-1778