I hope you & your family have been safe, and continue to be during this global event. 


Over the years our Wisconsin Association Lodges have been there to help in the time of need. We helped Lodges and their communities in States all across the Nation. Some of you older Moose Members might remember some of our Community Service projects which helped other Lodges.

1992 Florida Lodges with Hurricane Andrew

1995 Oklahoma Lodges with the Bombing Disaster

2005 New Orleans Lodges with Hurricane Katrina

and the 911 Tragedy just to name a few.

These and others are still fresh in my mind when it came to our Moose Association helping other Moose Brothers & Sisters that we did not even know. So, I know that our members are helping others get through this event now. All I ask is you continue to be safe, and we will get through this one too.

Till the next time,

State Historian

Larry H. Pratt

 clpratt82@att.net or text to

  (920) 287-1778