I hope you & your family are still well. It’s seems I was just writing this section yesterday.

As time keeps moving, happenings seem to blend; move faster; or seem to stand still.

 During this historic period, days are disappearing while parts of the days just seem to repeat, themselves over, and over again. So we need to be very careful when helping others that need help now. Cindy and me have been helping an older lady. The News lately has just been getting her down. With her 80 birthday coming, we decided we needed to do something small, but special. So we ordered a small cactus type planter for her. Just that litter jester has  helped turn her days around.  So if something you’re doing you think is to small just

remember some of our small efforts our Wisconsin Moose Association have done started small, but then grew big that changed a lot of people’s lives. And now becomes another chapter in our State History. So continue to be safe, careful, and smart. Till the next time,


State Historian

Larry H. Pratt


   or text to (920) 287-1778