Greetings Co-Workers and Brothers from Moose Charities:

The Annual Convention is fast approaching. Please support the Cash Raffle, Lottery Tree Raffles, and Basket Raffles being held during the Convention. The proceeds of these raffles will be assisting the obligation of the Wisconsin Association for the MAC (Mooseheart Activity Center).

With the 2020-2021 School year starting soon, please renew your annual contribution to support the Mooseheart Boosters. As a Mooseheart Booster, you help provide a home and education to children in need from across the continent. Your generosity enables Mooseheart Child City & School to provide services to children who need, and deserve, the opportunity to live a happy and successful life.

If you need information on the Mooseheart Boosters  (click here) or any of the Moose Charities programs, please stop by the Moose Charities tables and pick up a brochure on the programs.


There will not be a March of Checks during the Saturday night banquet. Please drop off your Chapter, Lodge, or personal donation at the Moose Charities table and your name (if you choose) will be added to the list on the display board of donations.

Thank you for all you do for our Mooseheart Children and Moosehaven Seniors through

Moose Charities.

In Friendship,

Cheryl Ripp

Deputy Grand Regent

WMA Moose Charities Chairman