Congratulations to all of the newly installed officers, and wish you a very positive year.  I know that you all will do the best that you can, for your Lodge and Chapter and attaining your personal goals and Lodge and Chapter goals.  The International Convention is just around the corner and hopefully your Lodge and Chapter will be represented at this, I am looking forward to seeing members from Wisconsin there and to meet new friends.  The winter is finally ending and now could be a good time to visit your Lodge, they may have new things going on and also looking for new volunteers to help out.  I am still trying to make it to as many Lodges as possible, I am over half way there and now that the weather is getting better I will be making the rest of them, and who knows I may be there when you get there.  Remember to keep in mind, one of our goals is to help support Mooseheart and Moosehaven.  And our focus for this is our membership, so sponsor, sponsor, sponsor.  Thanks for all you do to help your Lodges, Chapters, District, Legions, Association and Fraternity.


Thank you,

Jon Hill

WMA President