Greetings fellow Moose members.  What a fantastic and exciting time it is to be a Moose, we now have several ladies on the State Board!

I hope all of you that were in Fond Du Lac enjoyed yourself and made some new friends, and have some great ideas to bring back to your lodge.  We have several new State Board members and Executive Board members, we all need your support to help this association grow and continue to improve.

Please share any ideas or concerns you have, that is how we grow and improve.

Thank you to Bob Rufer for your service as President of WMA this past year, but he is still going to be busy serving on the Executive Board. My plans are to try and visit as many lodges as I can during my years as your President, let’s see how many I can get to.

Thank you to each and every member of the WMA, LOOM and WOTM for everything you do, you should be proud to be a member of such a fantastic organization