The Heart of the Community event at the Annual Convention in Fond du Lac was a huge success.  When it was all said and done, we filled two minivans and a pickup truck.  The Solution Center said their shelves were almost empty and the donations surely helped out a great deal.  I want to thank Gwen Furgeson for her help and passion during this years fundraiser. She  let us know about this organization, and their need for our help.  Also to Helen Keifer and her crew from West Bend for their efforts and passion shown towards this event which made it a huge success a big thank you.  I have been informed since the convention that a woman with two small children came to the Solution Center and with our donations they had everything that they needed to help them.  I would like to also thank all the Moose members that donated to this event to make it so huge. Helen and I are working on a statewide upcoming community service event, more information to come.

Jon Hill Past State President & HOC Chairman