Moose on a Mission

This year the slogan for the Moose on a whole is “Moose On A Mission” I’m sure most of you know that our mission is MooseHeart, MooseHaven, Veterans and Community. This year our Lodge mission is for each member, Men and Women to sign at least one new member into the Lodge, Chapter or Legion. So for 1572 and 311 our slogan is “Moose Lodge on a Mission”

The Wisconsin Moose Association has prizes for each member you sign, but in May we will have a party with prizes and much more for all our members and the NEW members that are signed from AUG. 1st 2018 till May1st 2019. Want to have a FREE good time just sign 1 new member. You can sign more but you need to sign at least one.

I’ve heard that some can’t sign a member because they don’t know how. Well first you need to tell them about the Moose and what we do and offer. Sometimes people will join because we have Moose Riders, how about RV parking at many Moose Lodges, GREAT meals at others when they travel, Karaoke. Helping Kids, Veterans, our Seniors and things we do in our communities. We all have neighbors, friends, people we go to church with, others we go out to eat with and relatives. I’m sure there are others you know. Tell them about the Moose and what we do. Bring them out for a drink or fish-fry. At the last convention it was stated that 60% of our membership has not signed one member and that’s sad when you think about. I’m proud to be a Moose and proud of what we do. I want others to know what we do.

So when your sitting in the Social Quarters and someone asks you “have you signed a new member yet” You’ll know why they are asking.

Thank You


Steve Hodgkins