As our moose legion year comes to a close I would like to thank everyone for the efforts you made to make the Wisconsin Moose Association and, your lodge stronger.

We are living in a changing society with many things happening beyond our control. As leaders of our lodges our responsibilities are also changing. We have a huge task to keep our  moose lodge growing and in some cases surviving during these times. We are also being challenged to find ways to just pay our bills.  

I am happy to report that the Wisconsin moose legion has a gain in membership. As of March 30, 2020 our active members to date were 873 members and our plus one goal was 870. We are 3 over for the year. Congratulations to those of you who sponsored or asked a fellow  member to join the moose legion. If your jurisdiction has candidates to enroll you can do a mini-celebration following the guidelines below.


Due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic all moose legion jurisdictions have been given a one-time blanket dispensation until June 30th to allow a mini conferral to take place to confer members. This action will allow jurisdictions to approve applications and to confer members in a limited setting using the online ritual video with the restriction of  just one (1) qualified witness verifying the candidate viewed the conferral video. This could be done at a members home or another setting (outside a lodge) until 6/30,2020 

  1. Voting on applications may be done via electronic communication. Email, phone, facetime, or other methods, between all of the directors. The secretary shall keep minutes of these communications

under code of rules section 24.5, “a mini-celebration shall be witnessed by any two of the following groups: a member of the board of directors, assistant secretary of the lodge, area manager, ambassador, or a past moose international president.”  

  1. We approved that allowing any “one” of those would be adequate.
  2. The mini-celebration could be held in a lodge as long as you stay within the mandates of your area. If this is not possible, the mini-celebrations could be as simple as watching the conferral video in a home setting with the candidates and their witness(s) verifying this on the mini- celebration form.

Thank you to all of you who sponsored a new moose legion member this year. You earned a stick of sausage and I will see that you receive your sausage.