May  has come and gone, leaving most of us wondering; where did all that snow this spring come from? I cannot remember ever having that much snow so late in the spring.  But we did manage to make it through it, and hopefully spring will arrive and stay for a while.

We are starting the new Moose Year, complete with new goals, officers, committee chairs, and some continuing goals.  I would like everyone to start thinking 180, Being a PLUS and maintaining 80% RETENTION. If we all start thinking this, we will achieve our goals at the end of the year.  Far too often we wait until the last few weeks of the year to push for our goals, as usual, this method does not work.

Governor’s, I personally challenge you to fill ALL of your Committees.  In order for our Lodges to be successful, we must have ACTIVE Committees.  Planning should already be taking place for events to take place throughout the year.  By following the three P’s (Prior Proper Planning), events can be successful and fun. Our members need to know what is planned ahead of time so that they can plan to attend.  Waiting until the last minute is a formula for failure.

July brings us the International Convention in New Orleans; hopefully all Lodges and Chapters will be represented.  Also in July, Janesville and Monroe will be hosting the International Horseshoes Tournament, be sure to stop by.

As I close out for this month, I ask that all of you to start out the new Moose year strong. Let’s not wait until the last quarter to play catch up.  As always, THANK-YOU for all that you do!

Until next month ~


Mike Rynearson, Territory Manager