We have just completed the first half of the Moose Year. Is your Lodge at 50% of their application goal?

I am often asked “Why do you and Moose International always harp on membership”? Let me try and explain my reasoning.

When we all joined the Moose Fraternity we agreed to the obligation of membership. Let me remind you of that obligation: “Secondly, there is the obligation to strengthen our membership. This calls for Your best efforts to encourage those qualified friends, relatives, and associates to join us.”

Without membership growth, our great Fraternity would die out. Each year we lose members through death, loss of interest, relocation, and various other reasons. Goals are set to finish each year at a “Plus 1”, that’s just one more member than you started the year with. New member application goals are set based on several factors. Lodge size, past application history, along with several other things.

Achieving these goals takes work and effort; this is why it is important to have an “ACTIVE” Membership

Chairmen and Committee. Another question that I am often asked is “If we cannot solicit members, how do we get members?” We all seem to read too much into the words “solicit/solicitation”. No, we cannot go around asking anyone and everyone to join – that is solicitation for members. But we can explain what the Moose Fraternity

is, and what we do. We can also talk

about our membership benefits, activities, and Lodges. If we promote our Fraternity in a POSITIVE manor, they will ask you how they can join. That’s when you give them the application, and help them to fill it out. If they are a guest in your Lodge, you may ask them if they are interested in joining, as this is your home, you are not out in public soliciting membership.

Enough on membership. With 6 short months to go, hopefully everyone is working together to accomplish their goals for a successful year.

Lots of things coming up in the next few months: November is Fellowship Month, December is Tree Lighting at Mooseheart, and before you know it, Mid-Year Conference is upon us. I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and gets to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Until next month,


Mike Rynearson, Territory Manager