February is now upon us, leaving us very little time to complete our Mission.

February also brings us the start of the Lodge and Chapter Election Season. By now, notices should have been sent out to the Nominating Committees letting them know of meeting dates and times. I hope that all members of the Nominating Committees take their duties and responsibilities seriously.

This is one of the most important committees that we have. The committee should be looking for the most qualified individuals to fill these positions. We must look at the qualifications of the person, not what “clique” they belong to, not who their family is, or who could be manipulated the easiest. We must also look past their age, or how long they have been a member. All too often, potentially great leaders are “shunned” just because of their age or how long they have been a member. Please select/nominate the BEST QUALIFIED members to become our leaders.

Mid-Year Conference will be here before you know it. Have you sent in your registration yet? Why wait?

Do it today. Lots of information will be shared throughout this year’s conference. We will also be  offering a 2HOTT Session, Lodge Leadership Session, and an MLEC Session at NO COST to the membership. These will be the only FREE sessions offered this year! Lodge Officers, remember that your Lodge Leadership Training must be completed and current by July 1 st , 2019.

Hopefully, everyone is close to being a PLUS 1, along with a Retention Rate of 82%. There’s only a little time left to achieve your goals. Good Luck!

As always, THANK-YOU for all that you do!

Until next month – God Bless!


Mike Rynearson, Territory Manager