This year is going by fast. Have you signed a new member into your moose legion? I am anxious to give you a USDA CHOICE TENDERLOIN for each member application you turn into to your Moose Legion Secretary before the end of our fiscal year April 30, 2019 Remember our goal is to be a plus one at the end of our fiscal year.

Now is the time to be thinking about new officers for the new year. If you, or a prospective new officer need Moose Officers Training ,there will be a course offered at the Moose convention in Green Bay this March. The cost is free. Any elected Moose Legion officer will not be able to take their office if they have not completed a Moose Leadership training course. Let Mike Rynearson or myself know if you need training.
I had the opportunity to attend the Moose legion fun weekend in Oklahoma City this past November. Geno from Stevens Point and Lee Aanonsen from Green Bay also attended. The meetings were short but informative. It truly was a fun weekend. The next fun weekend is being planned for 2020 at a location yet to be decided.
Thank you to all the Moose Legions that are sending reports of their meetings to myself. My email is Also thank you to the legion secretaries who have sent in their required payments to Moose International . Your jurisdiction will receive points toward the Moose Legion Award Of Excellence for timely payments . There is still time to earn A special project assessment of 5% discount if paid in full by January 31st.

Amy and Brad Boivin, Wisconsin State Moose Youth Awareness chairman, have been very busy. They
have visited various lodges throughout the state holding Youth Awareness training sessions. To date we
have 22 students entered in this year’s Youth Awareness program. As a Moose Legion member, you
help raise the funding necessary for this important program.

I have been invited to the Steven Point Lodge Legion Meeting on January 30th. If you are in the area stop in.

As Moose Legion members our goal is to have fun and help our lodge retain our members.