Did you earn your USDA choice tenderloin yet?  There is still time to invite and sign, your fellow moose member into the moose legion.  We are only 23 members short of being one over for the year. Let’s make this year our first positive member growth year in some time.  Remember you have to be a member of the moose legion before you can be considered for the fellowship degree.

Moose leadership training will be offered free at the state convention in Green Bay this March.  No moose legion officer will be allowed to take their office if they have not completed a moose leadership training course.

The 22 students that entered the youth awareness program are currently giving their required 3 kids talks. Judging of the presentation will be done and the winning students will enter completion at the international youth awareness to compete for college scholarships.  The moose legion pays for the costs of the scholarships.

The ranking of our state moose jurisdictions is as follows:

Chippewa valley#143–pts 17.64  rank  77

forward #191–points  11.45   rank  98

Fox river valley #142-pts  3.95  rank  124

Wisconsin #31—-points   3.51    rank  125

Heart of the north #138  points 0.01   rank 136

There are 160 jurisdictions.  Thank you for the effort that you have made thus far.