How to kill your Lodge

Something I  found, and thought that I would share:


How to kill your Lodge

Don’t Come.

When you come, come late.

Never accept an office.  It is better to stay outside and criticize.

The officers asked for the job, let them do all of the work.

Never pay your dues in advance.  Wait until you get your moneys worth and them wait a while longer.

It is good to tell your officers failings to visitors, they might be a long time finding them out.

If there  are a few zealous workers in the Lodge inform everyone the Lodge is run by a clique.

Disagree with established rules and regulations, let people know you have a mind of your own.

Only talk to the brother next to you at the Lodge, it make for good fellowship.

If one brother has said or done something you don’t like, be mad at the whole lodge.

Don’t let this happen to your lodge.


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