The pandemic situation we are in has indeed impacted everyone. We as Moose need to turn a “cannot do” issue into a look at what we “can do” and “are doing” issue to help our communities. Community Service starts at home – our Moose Home. We need to check on our elderly members, our homebound members, and individuals who may not have family close by to make sure they are ok. Maybe sending a card to a neighbor that you know hasn’t been able to get out in while or ringing a doorbell so when they answer it they find a Thinking of You or How You Doing note. How about dropping off a $1 box of sidewalk chalk for the kids next door, they can create some beautiful artwork that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. We need to stand out in the community and be an inspiration to it. Handing out free community lunches (way to go West Bend, thanks to Tammy for sharing your dynamic idea with us last month!) portrays an active role and leaves a memory, a mark that we are actively assisting our community. Please send your pics and or write-ups to myself and/or Amy so we may share them in the newsletter and you can implement them in your areas.

This year for Sept. Convention we will again be collecting items for the “Fondy Food Pantry”. As

you are all aware the food pantries have been pushed to the max and are in need of help. An updated list of much-needed items will be sent out to the Chapters and Lodges the week of August 12 th. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing in items you may simply make a check out to “The Fondy Food Pantry” and they will purchase the much-needed items. The pantry works with several other community groups to make sure peoples’ needs are met. Look for our Heart of the Community Poster and I thank you in advance for your continued generosity and support. I would like to thank the individuals who helped sort and organize the items for distribution and pick up at the last convention. Many hands make light work.


Helen Kiefer – State Community Service Chairperson