January is over, and Cupid is on His Mission With his Bow and Arrow uniting new couples and reuniting old ones. We celebrate 4 Presidents Birthdays this month and we as Moose have a Mission to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

During the Month of February, we have the Rocker Fund Raising Project which supports Moosehaven. Let’s give to this great fund raiser and fill our Lodges with Rockers.

The Membership Promotions that are going on are: Sign 5 new or Reenrolled member win a Fleece Jacket. This Promotion goes on until April 30th, 2019. For every new or reenrolled member, you sponsored up until Dec 31st, 2018 your name went in for a $50 drawing which will be picked at the Mid-Year Conference. In the Months of January and February get double Moose Rewards Sponsor Points. We have 3 months left in our Chapter Year Let’s end our Mission on a positive note and be a plus 1 in membership. Continue to work with your Membership/Retention Chairmen and call those on the arrearage list. March is always a big month for dues renewal lets get a jump start on this month and contact those members and remind them that their dues are coming up. Continue your Mission and Lets all be a Plus One in Membership

Fraternally Yours

Barb Carter

Deputy Grand Regent