Greetings From the Deputy Grand Regent

January is already over half way through and we are having our January thaw.  Mid-Year Conference Registration, Agenda and meal order forms are out.  Be sure to fill out and send back by the cutoff date.


It is hard to believe the year has gone and the time has come to start thinking about nomination for our new officers.  Nominating meetings are scheduled in January and held in February.  You may have some that are ready to jump right in and take an office or you might have to start calling some co-workers.  Be honest and explain to them what the duties are and that you will be there to guide them.  Also, make sure they are qualified and can handle the position.  If they are new you might want to start them off in a Chairman’s position.


It is also a good time to check and see what is needed for your chapter to make the Award of Achievement.  Membership is the key.  Have the membership committee contact those who have expired.   Maybe they didn’t get a notice or have been unable to renew for some reason.  Make sure anyone working for a degree has the members she needs to be enrolled.


Good luck with your membership and officers.  Hope you all make your year!!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!



Heidi Jacobs