Greetings From the Deputy Grand Regent

We had an inspiring Mid-Year Conference.  I hope you all had a wonderful time and brought back to your lodge and chapters information  received.  Congratulations again to our 5 new Academy of Friendship members.  April is Friendship month.  Be sure to honor your new members in your chapters.

Elections are over and we have our new slate of officers.  It is a perfect time to volunteer to be a chairman.  You can request approval for that fundraiser you have been wanting to do and you have a committee to help you.  Enjoy the new year, get involved, and meet new friends.

April is our last month to make sure we have everything done to receive our Award of Achievement.  Retention is important.  Contact the members in arrears, maybe they didn’t receive a reminder and need one.  If they are not renewing find out why.  Maybe it is something , we can remedy.  Good luck with your membership.  Hope you all make your year!

April showers bring May flowers.  Let’s shower our communities with good Moose activities and bring in the new members!

In Friendship

Heidi Jacobs