Greetings from your Deputy Grand Regent

Happy September.

Wisconsin State Annual WOTM Conference and Convocation is fast approaching. Hopefully, you have made your plans and taken advantage of the early registration and meal ticket prices. If the date has slipped by you, please make your plans ASAP to attend. After all, Kim Pettit, Past Grand Regent, is our Official Visitor and she is always very informative in the messages she shares. You really don’t want to miss out, first hand, on the information she has for us.

Congratulations to the 7 Junior Graduate Regents who qualified and will be receiving their Green Cap at Convocation on September 13 th . Your dedication to your Chapter and the Fraternity is greatly appreciated. I wish you much success as you continue on your way to qualifying for your College of Regents Degree.

The Top 5 Chapters will also be announced. Aren’t you curious who

they are? Sunday, September 13, after the Green Cap Ceremony, my tassel will be changed and my title will become Past Deputy Grand Regent. Linda Wren, Watertown Chapter, will be installed as your 2020-2021, Deputy Grand Regent. Please welcome Linda with open arms as she leads your Chapters this next year.

My year as your Deputy Grand Regent has been interesting and like

nothing in the past, beginning with the WI WOTM becoming members of the WI State Association making us equal partners in our State as we

work side by side with the Loyal Order. Shortly after we were gathered in Green Bay for Mid-Year Conference, COVID hit and boy did that changed all of our lives! I pray each and everyone stays healthy and safe with the challenges we are faced with.

Be Humble, Be Kind, Be Nice in your actions and words to one another.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support given to me during my year as your Deputy Grand Regent.

Love and Hugs,

Cheryl Ripp

2019-2020 Wisconsin Deputy Grand Regent