Greetings Co-Workers.

What an amazing time this past month has been with College of Regents, Chapter Award of Achievement, and the Green Cap/Ways & Means celebrations which were held. I hope the ceremonies also renewed your spirit, meaning and purpose of your membership with our Fraternity with your Declaration of Devotion to the Principles of our Organization and your Declaration of Loyalty to your Chapter at these special meetings.

As a reminder to the Junior Graduate Regents, your Green Cap/Ways & Means meeting needs to be held by January 31, 2020.  Please get your meeting scheduled on the calendar as soon as possible.

The WOTM Office is in the process of finalizing the Mid-Year OV’s and schedules.  Please hold tight for more information.

Registration for International Convention in Milwaukee is scheduled to open on December 10th.  The preliminary schedule is available at the  Let’s all promote our members to attend the International Convention since this is right in our own back yard beginning May 21, 2020 to May 26, 2020.

I hope to see you for the Senior Portrait and Tree Lighting at Mooseheart on December 7th.

Safe journey in your travels to be with your loved ones during the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to each and everyone.

In Friendship,

Cheryl Ripp

Wisconsin Deputy Grand Regent