Planning is underway for the Mid-Year Conference being held March 8th through the 11th in Green Bay. The Green Bay Lodge will once again be hosting the Welcome Dinner and providing shuttle services to and from the Radisson Conference Center. Registration forms will be available soon. The State Association will be hosting a 2-HOTT, MLEC, and Lodge Leadership training sessions during Mid-Year for those that need it. I hope to see everyone there!

March 8 – 11, 2018
Radisson Convention Center
2040 Airport Dr.
 Be sure to mention Moose Rate when registering


2-HOTT WED & THURS   3/7 -3/8 9:00 AM -4:00 PM
MLEC THURS       3/8 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Lodge Leadership SUNDAY  3/11 9:00 AM

Please make reservations with Association Secretary Matthew Boardman 608-214-7843



            We are seeking ads from all fraternal units to help support the printing and distribution of the books. All ads will be printed in color and the rate for the ads are as follows:
½ Page $ 65.00
Whole Page $ 125.00
Ads will be accepted via email, PDF form is preferred but we are able to adapt other formats. We will accept paper ads. NO PHONE ADS WILL BE ACCEPTED!


            Attached you will find the LOOM registration forms that includes meal requests. These forms must be returned by February 18 in order to able to give the hotel an accurate count for meals. Forms received after that date will be charged the onsite rate

We look forward to seeing everyone at conference. If you have any questions regarding the items in this communication, please contact Matthew Boardman 608-214-7843

We would like to welcome official visitors 

Kim Thompson

Assistant Director of Membership Recognition and Member Services

Tama Mitchell

Past Grand Council Member




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