With the close of 2019 I, like many others take this opportunity to reflect on the positives and the negatives of the prior year. The goals I set, the goals I achieved and the goals that fell by the wayside. After reflecting I am able to look at 2020 and determine where would I like to see myself in 2021. 

As a district I think it is important for us to reflect on the past year and look forward to 2020 as well.  The end of 2019 brought about a lot of changes in District 4. I was appointed District President in November  and a we filled the open spots on the board.  Our district not only has a WOTM as District President but a WOTM as prelate, membership chairman, and moose charities.  These opportunities were only possibly because of moving to a joint association in September. In my opinion the highlight of our WMA moose year. I hope 2020 brings more WOTM taking leadership roles in their district. Not to mention hearing more about “One Moose” in March to learn about how becoming one can help our lodges and chapters!

 Now that we have a full board  in place our district is spring into the new year with some big ideas and goals. I’d like to thank all the members that were able to attend our last district meeting in January. We had a 40% increase in attendance over our last meeting, if this is any indication of what is ahead in 2020, I cannot wait. I’d like to  share with you some of our updates from our chairman at our last meeting in January:

  • We are going to have a District 4 bowling weekend. We have asked our lodges to promote 4/4-4/5 for our district lodges and chapters to all come together and bowl in the WMA bowling tournament.
  • In effort to encourage lodges/chapters to work on retention we have put a membership promotion in place for meeting their retention goal for the year
  • To promote communication we discussed the importance of utilizing the WMA website district page which has meeting dates, contact information, forms, chairman contact, and news articles for the district. We also have established the WMA district 4 Facebook Group for lodges/chapters to share the happenings in their lodges/chapters.

Finally I’d like to commend district 4 on their hard work last month in the areas of HOC and membership. Your community service work and membership holiday events really paid off.  We saw our member loss, application, and arrears deficit decrease as well as our renewal percentage increase.  A shoutout to Green Bay #451 and #801 for both being a plus in membership and Marinette 2327 for currently being at their renewal and retention goals.

Keep up the hard work District 4!!!

Amy Boivin ~ District 4 President