Gentlemen we are coming up on our first six months of this Moose year. I’d like to ask you if your Lodge members are helping to ” Create Our Future “. New members with new thoughts and ideas is something all of our great Lodges can use. I have always said that a ” Just – Ask ” enrollment program is so easy, and the way  to go. A possible new member most of the time will give you 1 of 3 answers. One yes Two no or Three let me think about it. None of those answers are negative or hurtful. Guys we all joined this great fraternity for a reason. Tell your true Moose story, tell them what we do for our kids, seniors, and our communities, the possible new enrollment member will feel your excitement and love for the Moose and I believe will jump at the chance to be part of our fraternity. Don’t forget your Lodge membership growth friend “Retention” the more retained the less needed to grow.

Any help I can be please let me know. GROW is not a dirty four letter word, it is our future, it is the tool that will ” CREATE OUR FUTURE “.

Your in WMA friendship

Dennis Dost – WMA membership chairmen