April and spring is in the air. Time for us Moose to get even more active and Just-Ask someone to join our great Herd.

Remember gentlemen what we all know and now must put into effect “ A burden heavy for one becomes much lighter for many”

think of all the added good you and your Lodge could do with 10 or more new excited members! We all joined this great fraternity for

one  reason or another, pass that reason on to a possible new member and I know you will be amazed on how fast that person wants

to be part of what you have as a Moose. The year end incentives are out there for the taking Just – Ask recruit a new member and

qualify for one of them it’s that easy. Hopefully you stopped by the membership and retention booth at convention in Green Bay

and we had time to talk and help each other with answers to growth and retention. Thank you to all who stopped and bought raffle

tickets and thank you to everyone who attended the short seminar we had on membership and retention. Members we have to put

it our hearts and minds that GROW is NOT a dirty four letter word, it is your Lodge and fraternity FUTURE!!! I have said many a time

these true words “ If your Lodge and Fraternity is not growing – It is dying!”

New members bring new ideas and programs to our Lodges. That mixed with the experienced current members make for a membership

cocktail that cannot be beat. Let’s end this Moose year with a BANG, show our communities how great we really are and grow in membership

to help in those communities, as well as help our children at Mooseheart, and seniors at Moosehaven, there is no better feeling than knowing

you helped people in need . Any help I can be please let me know.


Yours in Moose friendship


Dennis Dost State membership chairmen


Dennis Dost State Membership Chairmen
E-Mail Den@032charter.net