Our first month is behind us gentlemen, hopefully we all kicked off our new Moose year with a “BANG”

in membership growth and continued retention. As we all know June starts our Wisconsin summer events

such as festivals, picnics, reunions, carnivals, and more. All are super opportunities to gain new enrollment

members and build up your Lodge and our great fraternity. Schedule as many events as you and your Lodge

can this year guys. By doing so you raise the potential of growing in membership, as well as activating

your current members to participate at the Lodge. A WIN/WIN situation!

This year our motto is “Moose on a Mission” and we are gentlemen. Lets go grow this year it is NOT

“Mission Impossible” Mr. Phelps. Your Lodge can do so much more in your community, helping our

children, and helping our seniors by having more helping hands and more active returning retention members.

Tell your honest story on how great your Lodge is and how the Moose help so many and selling membership

will not be  Mission Impossible it will be a “walk in the park” JUST – ASK!!!

Incentives this year to help motivate everyone are still being reviewed and will finalize very soon. But I

wanted to get something in your hands to help your new enrollment possibilities. Should there be any

changes to what is listed I will E-mail all Lodges with them A.S.A.P.

So Mr. Phelps when you choose to take on this great Mission to grow you will be rewarded greatly in many

ways and you, your Lodge, and our fraternity will prosper. GO GROW – JUST-ASK!!!


Moose on a Mission – This is not Mission Impossible Mr. Phelps!!


Your rewards for accepting this Mission are as follows gentlemen.


Enroll (1) one new member receive a $10 Moose Buck post card redeemable by Wisconsin Moose Assoc.


Enroll (3) three new members receive $5 Moose Bucks and a $10 credit on your mid-year conference room reservation

from the WMA.


Enroll (5) five new members receive $5 Moose Bucks plus a WMA pull over plus a $20 credit on your mid-year

conference room reservation from the WMA.


Don’t stop at five talk with me and Michael Rynearson we can work out a deal!


All of you Mr. helps out there Lets go grow – Just Ask!



Yours in Moose Friendship

Dennis Dost Wisconsin Moose Association Membership chairmen

E-mail – Den032@charter.net