November is here and the Holiday season is beginning L.O.O.M members. Over half of this 2018/19

Moose year is gone, is our Mission still on the front burner. are we working to grow our fraternity?

This time of year we need to give thanks to so many people and Lodges for all they do. Lets expand on giving thanks by offering the great virtues of being a Moose to more people – Just – Ask ! is all you have to do.

Tell a possible new member your true story of why you became a Moose and how your Lodge helps children, seniors, and the community you and your Lodge service, ask the possible new enrollment member to become a DO’ER a Moose member, and I bet you will have a new Lodge member ready to help in the many areas we as Moose help in.

The holiday season gives us all the spirit of helping and giving. What a great idea it is to offer as a caring gift the gift of membership into our fraternity. Remember what is said about growth – ” A burden heavy for one –  becomes lighter for many” Just – Ask that’s all it takes it’s that simple. Our Mission is moving forward to help with it’s success growth is a major factor. GROW is NOT a dirty four letter word gentlemen, the need to grow is our fraternal future. Lets all make this holiday season one of joy, love for our fellow man, and growth of our fraternity.

Thank you

Moose on a Mission

Dennis Dost – WMA membership chairmen

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Cell – 608-290-2307