” Moose on a Mission “

Happy New Year gentlemen, all you Mr. Phelps on a mission out there.

Hopefully your Christmas was joyous and loving. Gentlemen we as a fraternity are in the so called ” Home Stretch” time to give our Moose on a Mission project the “Whip” and move out!! I send you all the numbers each month for your review and action, the two numbers I want to relate to you are the following.

  1. Number needed to grow as of 12/15/18. – 211 that’s only approx. 10 members per Lodge. That along with our retention goal of 82% and wala we grow and succeed in our Mission.
  2. Our application goal this year. – 750 we are at 363 almost half way there. ” Just – Ask ” guys, ask your family, friends, people you do business with and as leaders in your Lodge Just-Ask your members to move into the home stretch and give applications and growth (they go hand in hand) along with retention the WHIP and go for the win.

Our individual Lodge goals in our community and our Moose charities are too important not to step-up and succeed in our Mission. Review your numbers and go for the incentives out there and lets Grow!

Your in WMA friendship

Dennis Dost – WMA membership chairmen

E-Mail Den032@charter.net