Gentlemen ( all you Mr. Phelps’ ) out there our Moose on a Mission is moving forward. July is here now with picnics, county fairs, camping outings, and hopefully many Lodge events. All these are part of our Moose on a Mission, all are outstanding opportunities to talk up your great Lodge to perspective members and YES enroll them into the herd. This time of year is also fantastic for having members you may not have seen during the winter months come out and help at the Lodge and maybe bring a friend! That gentlemen

is what we call a WIN/WIN helping your retention and a possible new enrollment. I want to ask everyone to challenge your Lodge members to do one thing just one- That one thing is this Ask your members to just REPLACE THEMSELVES! Ask them to enroll just one person who as we all get older can pickup the ball and continue to run with it to help our children, seniors, and your community. I believe when they see how easy it is to enroll one and replace themselves they will continue to enroll more into your Lodge. Don’t forget to show and mention the incentives being offered by your WMA and if possible incentives within your Lodge. Always remember these words gentlemen – ” A burden heavy for one, becomes lite for many” and if your Lodge and our great fraternity is NOT growing they are DIEING!!

JUST – ASK is all you have to do and you will be amazed how many say yes and become a Moose member and a friend. If you have an event you would like me and the membership team to be at let us know.

Yours in Moose Friendship

Dennis Dost State Membership Chairmen

E-Mail or C-608-290-2307