Merry Christmas everyone!!! What a year this is, our Moose family fraternity is holding together during these trying times. This is the time of year to reflect on the positives, not the negatives people. Let us all pray that those who are sick become well and this Covid goes away.

We all need to remember that our MooseHeart Kids and MooseHaven seniors are still depending on us to help them. Membership enrollments as we can understand in some Lodges is down, guys and gals the best thing we can do now is to work our arrears list. Many members are not thinking of renewal right now call them to see how they are doing and if there may be a financial concern get with your board and members and see if the Lodge can address it. May the loving spirit of the holidays be with us all and everyone is safe and joyous. The gift of membership in such a great organization is something to be considered. Please continue to move forward at your Lodges and Chapters many people and your community are looking to you for leadership.

Merry Christmas

Dennis Dost – WMA Membership Chairmen