Create Our Future

Well we knew it had to come! Winter a great time for our Lodges to work with their communities and while doing so enroll new excited members into

your Lodge Herd. With Thanksgiving, leaf racking for seniors, snow shoveling for shut-ins and seniors and many other ideas you may have there is no reason that your Lodge is not front and center in November in your community. We know our application quota is down “Just-Ask” this and every month and guess what? our numbers improve, your membership grows, your Lodge make a greater impact on the community you serve, our Moose Charities will increase in donations and much more. Guys this one is a no brainer opportunity is everywhere. Throw some Lodge incentives in and I believe we as the WMA fraternity will prosper and grow. Stay safe out there everyone and as you always do continue to work hard to help us grow.


Dennis Dost – WMA Membership Chairmen