February the “Love” month. Great L.O.O.M members over and above Valentine’s day it is time to Love your Lodge and organization. Our numbers as of 1/8 show good results needing more improvement. We show 16 of 30 Lodges at growth or less than a mere 10 new members to help our future and your Lodge’s future by growing.

Gentlemen the incentives are out there for the last quarter, February thru April, let your people know what they are and if you can add your own incentives to give all our members a “Double Whammy” to create more help for our children, seniors, and community we serve.

As part of our fraternity remember a heavy load for one becomes easy for many. Membership and growth is one of the major items of many in our Lodges that will help keep you moving forward as well as helping pay bills through participation at your Lodge. Guys we all need to embrace recruitment and new member adds.

It is time for all Lodges to drive on to a successful membership growth as an organization and fraternity. Let me know of your plans so I can let all Lodges know what is working in your area and may work in others.

Gentlemen we are all in this together as a team there can be no secrets on what works in our Lodges.

Yours in Moose growth for our Future,

Dennis Dost – State Membership chairmen

E-Mail den032@charter.net

Cell 608-290-2307