Wow September already, our year is zooming by. Has everyone Lodge and Chapter reviewed their current growth projection in membership? We as a state 0f Wisconsin are on the edge of being a  growth State, lets not lose any momentum towards that goal. “Just- Ask” is all it takes, the incentives at the state level are there for the taking, as well as (I hope) your Lodge and Chapter incentives. New enrollments mean new idea’s which can really help all our Moose Lodge homes. Remember there are NO application fees thru September, that is a cold hard cash saving for your new member, use that as a great additional incentive along with the others being offered. Our Mooseheart kids, Moosehaven seniors, and our communities are depending on us. The more helping hands at our Lodges and Chapters the more positive impact we can make in the lives of so many people.

GROW is NOT a dirty four-letter word folks it is our fraternities future! Also, remember that the shortest road to growth starts with retention.

Sincerely Yours in Moose Friendship

Dennis Dost – WMA Membership Chairmen