As you know, the Endowment Fund is critical to the operation of our Twin Cities, Mooseheart and Moosehaven. It is that time of year where we do need to start planning for our  cradle fundraiser to help raise endowment funds for our twin cities. Your chapter or the lodge will be getting the packet for the cradle fundraiser. You can also go to the following link:…/fundraising-materials/ cradle to download the instructions and the template. For a successful cradle fundraiser, you need to start planning now.


  • Lodge and Chapter Officers meet and agree to hold a friendly competition.
  • Challenge Chapters and Lodges. Use different color paper Cradles for each group.
  • “Work” the Cradle Fundraiser every day and every night in October.
  • Meal functions –place a paper Cradle at each table setting and/or provide a paper Cradle at the same time as providing liquid refreshments at a table or bar.
  • Keep a running total, ring a bell, bang a gong, blow a horn, or do a happy dance when a donation is made.
  • Post pictures on Facebook and show them throughout the month.

It is important to remember that all cash donations must be remitted to Moose Charities by check made payable to Moose Charities in the return envelope provided in your fundraising packet


Brad Boivin

WMA Moose Charities Booster Chairman