4 Wisconsin Lodges Awarded International Project Grants

For 2017 four (4) Wisconsin Moose Lodges received some funding from Moose International for facility needs updates.  This year Marinette, Menomonie, East Kettle Moraine (EKM), and Bloomer received funds. Funds were used as follows:  Marinette, a new digital sign at the Lodge Road turn in; Menomonie, lodge dining and social quarters lighting; EKM, sewer needs […]

Message from Moose Legion Ambassador  Robert R.Rufer

Just a couple of reminders As Moose Legion members we have to work on the arears list as we are falling behind and we need to find some new members. We also have a bigger project to work on as the Wisconsin Home needs a New patio on the rear side of the home and […]

2017 Association Convention Presentations
Moose Leader- November 2017
October/November Moose Magazine
October Message from Kimberly Pettit

As most of you are aware, the WOTM received dispensation from our Grand Chancellor, Barb McPherson, to hold an additional fundraiser at our recent conference at Fond du Lac in September.  A dispensation for this purpose was needed because our General Laws require it…due to the fact that there are many other fundraising projects for Mooseheart, Moosehaven, Membership Campaigns, and […]

WI State Moose Association President

WI State Moose Association President Hello Wisconsin Moose Members, At the annual convention in Fond da Lac your new state board was elected and the new Territorial Manager was named.  Your State Board consist of Secretary Matt Boardman, Treasurer Kevin Wanggard, Prelate Seth Fuller, Vice President Robert Rufer, and President Jon Hill, Mike Rynearson was […]

2017 WI Moose Assoc. Corn Hole State Tournament

  Marinette Moose Lodge #2327. Saturday, September 30 21 Participating Teams. 9863 First: Marinette 2327 / 1900 – Pato Thyne / Maureen Nelson 9864 Second: Muskego 1057 / 1617 – Mike and Cheryl Klabunde 9866 Third: Marinette 2327 / 1900 – Brian Lindquist / Jenny Bellsle 9867 Fourth: Marinette 2327 / 1900 Paul Grandaw / […]

How to kill your Lodge

Something I  found, and thought that I would share:   How to kill your Lodge Don’t Come. When you come, come late. Never accept an office.  It is better to stay outside and criticize. The officers asked for the job, let them do all of the work. Never pay your dues in advance.  Wait until […]