WI State Moose Association President

WI State Moose Association President

Moving into May already, where does the time go.

As we close out this Moose Year, let me touch on Membership Retention.  This is a Giant part of all of ours responsibility.  The overall goal of Membership Retention is maintain our current members.  Often we sign up a new member and then forget all about them.  This practice needs to stop, we asked them to join, we need to make sure that they stay involved, feel welcome, and above all, that their membership means more to the Lodge than just a number.

While we hope for a 100% retention rate, our goal is 82%.  By reaching this goal, Lodges are almost guarantied to be a “Plus One” for the year.

Remember, all  of us have a responsibility when it comes to Membership Retention.
Mike Rynearson
President – WMA

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