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Karyn Johnson

From the Deputy Grand Regent /Membership Chair
Greetings! And Happy New Year!
Here we are at the start of a new year – Welcome 2017! I  personally  don’t  make New  Year’s  resolutions primarily due to the fact  that  I  never  keep  them.   However,  it  is  important  to  me  to  have  goals, achievable goals. In  my  humble  opinion, we are blessed and fortunate to belong to one of  the  best  fraternal  organizations EVER!!! Through  our  efforts, children and seniors are able to live a life full of  contentment and more than likely, a life way beyond their wildest dreams!  Now back to the “goals, achievable goals”. If every member would invite one person  to join us, what an accomplishment that would be for our organization. You  know,  there’s  still  time  to  invite  that  one  person  to  join  before  the  end  of  our Moose year.
Co-workers, not only do we need to be “plus one” with membership, there are other
requirements that we need to fulfill to receive our Award of Achievement. Are we on
Conference  is  coming.  Our  Official  Visitor  will  be  Carolyn  Allen  from  Mankato,
Minnesota. I’m super excited about that. Registration  and  meal  forms  have  been  sent  to  the  Chapters.   Stevens  Point  has graciously accepted to be our Hostess Chapter. Thank You so much Stevens Point Coworkers!!! So in closing, let’s welcome in the New Year by setting a goal, an achievable goal to invite others to join and help us to Raise the Roof! I  found  the  quote  below  and  wanted  to  share  it  with  you  –  the authors name wasn’t listed.
At  this  time  of  year,  as  we  say  goodbye  to  2016  we  need  to  keep  in mind  that  every  end is just a new beginning.Keep  your  spirits  and  determination  unshaken,  and  you shall  always  walk  the  glory  road.    With  courage,  faith  and efforts  you  shall conquer everything you desire.
Happy  New  Year,
In  Friendship,
Karyn Johnson
DGR // 2016-17 / Membership Chair




Love and Hugs,

Karyn Johnson











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