On December 3 and 4 Moose International’s Supreme Governor Willard Kitchens made his way to Wisconsin on his coast to coast Lodge Visits Journey 2017.

On Sunday, December 3 Willard visited the Kenosha Moose Lodge #286. From southern Wisconsin he received a scrumptious lunch and many Green Bay Packer and Wisconsin Badger items. Kitchens, from Dallas County Moose Lodge #1737 in Alabama, experienced a true Wisconsin sports afternoon.
On Monday, December 4, Supreme Governor Willard visited the West Bend Moose Lodge #1398 / Chapter #732. Willard found that the Monday evening would bring out the best from the Wisconsin Moose. The dining room was filled to capacity for Kitchens to see first-hand what positive things were happening at West Bend Moose Lodge and Chapter.

West Bend Boy Scout Troop # 762 would be the dinner waiters for the evening. The troop uses the lodge for meetings. In addition the young men assist with table set up and some general housekeeping. Activities and maintenance can be used for some of the scouts’ necessary Community Service and selected Merit Badge needs. The troop has adopted their own Moose – “Roger the Moose” – as their Mini Mascot. Yes, he even has his own FB page.
There was the usual 50/50 raffle which raised over $200 that night.

Kitchens noted the big moose in one corner of the dining room. This 8 foot moose was designed by the Lodge and Chapter for being used in local parades. This year he was Chef Moose. On the back of their parade entry float this fall was a sign stating to follow ‘me’ back to the West Bend Moose Lodge for Chili. Chef Moose stands tall and proud at the lodge. West Bend Governor Jeff Kaebisch and other lodge leaders provided Tommy Moose to the community’s Life-Star – the Advanced Life Support Service as well as the Washington County Sherriff’s Department.
After the great meal from the lodge from their fantastic kitchen team and the chapter’s super delicious dessert assortments, Regional and Territorial Managers’ Gordon Dailey and Mike Rynearson spoke briefly. Then it was Willard’s turn for some positive words to say about the Moose and the West Bend Lodge.

Supreme Governor Kitchens does his homework with the lodges he visits. He meets with the lodge’s leadership, asks good questions and then prepares for his remarks. Willard said he was so impressed with the cleanliness and look of the lodge during this festive season. He noted how proud he was of the lodge and chapter’s come back from some past year’s setbacks. He was impressed with the lodge’s 50/50 split of men and women at this host function. He was happy to see that 1/3 of those in attendance were from other lodges.

Kitchens expounded on how he was told the lodge and chapter general meeting attendance were up significantly. The chapter itself now has no less than 25 ladies attend each and every regular meeting. The lodge’s programs are full; the lodge is open for business. “Now, go get your ‘name’ and ‘message’ out there,” Kitchens encouraged its members. Willard finished by again thanking the lodge and chapter for its come back. “Continue what you do for your lodge, your community, and Mooseheart and Moosehaven.”

The final two activities were the usual 9 o’clock Ceremony and Endowment Collection, and Kitchens receiving from the lodge and chapter a Wisconsin-Sport Christmas Wreath (Packer, Badger, and Brewer inlaid garb along with the sports teams’ colors).
Edward Johnson